Monday, December 7, 2015

''FBI bribery scandal Blatter net''

FBI bribery scandal Blatter net

Fifa officials took bribes of 10 million US dollars. Sepp Blatter, and knew it! Investigating the Federal Bureau (FBI), according to the BBC to such information.Consider the case of the early nineties. Sports marketing company ISL, the TV host of the World Cup so desperate to get. FIFA President Joao Havelange and to ensure that it is at that time a member of the Executive Committee, Ricardo tiseirake nearly 10 million US dollars to bribe. It is working. ISL got TV too easily.According to the FBI's fully aware of the financial transactions Sepp Blatter. He was secretary general of FIFA. In 1998, the FIFA president Blatter was already very close to Havelange predecessor.Joao Havelange as evidence of their claim, the FBI said in a letter word. BBC panorama program presenter Andrew Jennings has a copy of that letter. Blatter did not perceive any transactions with ISL to Havelange wrote. Blatter Havelange was the event from start to finish!Blatter, asked Blatter to talk to the BBC about the complaint and did not agree. FIFA's ethics committee investigation of the scandal last October for 90 days blyatarake excluded from all football activities. FIFA meeting in February

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