Thursday, December 3, 2015

''Bhiyanobhensake dismissed last solate 6-1 Barcelona''

Bhiyanobhensake dismissed last solate 6-1 Barcelona

 ভিয়ানোভেন্সকে ৬-১ গোলে উড়িয়ে দিয়ে শেষ ষোলতে বার্সেলোনা
Sandro Ramires bhiyanobhensake hat-trick in Barcelona's 6-1 dismissed last solate promoted.Wednesday's matches, as well as a hat-trick for Messi Barcelona Sandro Ramires netted the team into the Munir El hattadi. Dani Alves scored the other. Juan Fra bhiyanebhensera goal to reduce the gap. Lionel Messi, Neymar and Suarez in the absence of the team's best star Sandro, munirara Barcelona's squad to prove how powerful it greatly.Home ground Camp Nou Barcelona did not have to wait long for the first goal. Buletaratira shot from outside the D-box in the fourth minute of the game a lot of defeating Barcelona goalkeeper bhiyanobhensa brajilayana took the defensive midfielder Dani Alves.Forget goalkeeper Sandro Ramires doubled the lead in the 1 st minute. Was born to be a teammate inside the box with the ball inside the penalty box Sandro handed the ball to the visitors' keeper. Possession of the ball in his own goal in Barcelona's phinisinye Sandro took -0 lead.9 th minute gap indicates bhiyanobhensa to leave the match. A spectacular shot from 5 yards out to overcome Barca goalkeeper Juan Fra lowered in the interval -1.It did not take too much time to bhiyanobhensera Barcelona comeback hopes. After two minutes, getting the ball inside the D-box phinisinye's own Sandro Ramires got the second goal. The first half was not the goal of the interval between the two teams 3-1.Barcelona striker was still hungry after the break. Mounir El hattadi 51st minute, he joined Barcelona golabanyaya. Jeremy's cross from Matthew to come away from the goal in the 4-1 interval has scored a great header Munir.He filled his hat-trick in the 69th minute, Sandro Ramires. Bhiyanobhensera players failed to secure the ball inside the penalty box. The ball goes to Sandro. Sandro control the ball with a great shot completed a hat-trick.Barcelona hammered the last nail in the coffin came 76th minute hattadi Munir. For a long pass from midfielder Adriano extended back-heeled pass Sandro Ramires inside the D-box. Barcelona remain unprotected by Munir's shot hit the big win.Messi is not in the squad on Wednesday announced the team coach Luis Enrique. Sandro and Neymar and Suarez muniradera squad but due to the extraordinary performance of these two did not feel the need-to-deploy, Enrique.

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