Monday, November 30, 2015

Neymar pair of goals in Barca win.

Neymar pair of goals in Barca win

নেইমারের জোড়া গোলে বার্সার বড় জয় 

Brazilian superstar Neymar pair beat Real Sociedad 4-0 defeat of Spanish giants Barcelona. Messi scored two goals in the team's offensive star Lewis suyaresera other two.Saturday night at the Nou Camp in La Liga clash with Barcelona at the top of Neymar scored his first goal. Twenty minutes after the first goal for his second goal in the 53rd minute the Brazilian star.Suarez scored the second goal in the 41st minute. And the match in extra time Chelsea Messi Barcelona pranabhomara. After a long comeback from injury two goals against Roma, the team's fourth goal Messi scored in extra time.The win in 13 matches, 33 points at the top, in Barcelona. On the other hand, the arch-rivals Real Madrid 4 points. Sunday will have a chance to close the gap in front of Real Madrid.

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